Improving behavioral health support for Medicaid patients - NowPow

Improving behavioral health support for Medicaid patients


Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider, is using NowPow to support its care coordination program, Health Home, which includes 1,200 Medicaid patients with behavioral health needs. NowPow users identify patients’ most urgent social determinants of health needs, and NowPow uses custom condition algorithms and matching logic to recommend community organizations and services that can provide relevant help. In coordinating assistance, NowPow also takes into account patients’ geographic location, eligibility for services, languages spoken and other factors.

Both Northwell Health providers and the community partners have access to NowPow’s platform, allowing them to share, track and coordinate referrals. NowPow closes the loop on referrals, telling Northwell Health and community partners if patients successfully connect to services.

Not only can Northwell Health support patients more effectively, but the partnership with NowPow will also help the system better target future community health investments.

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