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COVID-19 Resource Update

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Thank you for agreeing to share information with NowPow! Your assistance is invaluable to our mission of helping people find and connect with the vital community resources they need. The form below will help you to format your information in a way that NowPow can easily incorporate into our directory. The information you share with us will remain private within NowPow’s technology and will not be shared or sold to any organization or persons at any time.

This form helps organize resource data at two levels: organization and service. An organization is an entity with a unique address and contact information that provides one or more services to the public. If you collect data at the program level and under each program you record services, please enter the program name in the additional information box under each service.

You will notice in the form below there is an option to upload a list of resources if you are seeking to share information for more than 10 organizations. This list can be in any format, but a csv or xlsx file is preferred.

Upon submission of the form, the organization’s information will be validated by our Community Resources team and will then become viewable within our technology. Community-based Organizations can access our platform for free using our CommRx tool, visit this page for more information.

If you have any questions or issues with this form, please reach out to

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